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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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deputies shoot and kill a suspect inside a home. we'll tell you why the deadly confrontation may have started with a swing of a baseball bat. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. crime scene tape is up, investigators still combing the scene for evidence in a neighborhood near paseo grande in san lorenzo. bob joins us live. walk us through what happened. >> reporter: good morning to you. you can see behind me the crime scene van with the sheriff office is out here at the 98 or 100 block of san lorenzo. this started around 10:00 last night. started as a medical call. there is a man and woman who live here. a 60-year-old man. he was called for the ambulance, was in the ambulance outside his home. for whatever reason became
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combative with county fire, the emts. he assaulted at least one of those people, then ran out of the ambulance, ran inside the home. the wife still outside. the emt, they called for what is called a code 3 cover, they call law enforcement saying we need you out here. we have a serious situation. when the sheriff's office came out they knew the man was inside so a sergeant and four deputies went inside to search for him and this is what happened. >> as they were searching the house the man came without a baseball bat, he hit the sergeant with the baseball bat, the sergeant was carrying a patrol rifle at the time. it disabled the rifle. hit him in his arm as he tried to block the strike of the baseball bat. at that time he transitioned to his handgun and fired along with another deputy. hit the man and ultimately he died from those injuries. >> reporter: the sergeant who was hit with the baseball bat was hit in the arm.
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he is going to be okay. he and the other deputy are being interviewed as is the wife. according to the sheriff's office she is being cooperative. they are familiar with this address, they tell us that this was the 19th time they have been to this home since 2011. there has been a history of problems including domestic violence. again, 60-year-old man who was here who lives here at this home shot and killed by a sergeant and a sheriff's deputy last night after they say he attacked one of them with a baseball bat after he became combative during a medical call. why the ambulance was called out, that part is not clear. reporting live in san lorenzo, bob redell. >> thank you. officers looking for two men who led them on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash on the golden gate bridge. it started about 8:00 last night when a service ranger saw a man
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trying to break into a car in the marin headlands. he jumped into a black mercedes, took off. then while trying to cross the golden gate bridge the driver rear end add car and two men jumped out and ran away. officers are searching from the point area into the residential areas of the presidio. >> a family mourning the loss of their family dog after a fire destroyed their home. san jose fire tweeted out these. ten people were in the home near the intersection of actually and king when the two alarm fire broke out. everyone except the dog got out. a neighbor's home also damaged and the cause under investigation. >> skyline high school will be closed today so workers can repair a gas line. christie, it's become a four-day weekend for the students. >> reporter: that's right. it's going to be a quiet day here at skyline high school in the oakland hills because work is going on to repair a ruptured
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gas line. a district spokesperson says that about 1800 students who would normally come to class will be at home. i spoke with troy flint by phone and he tells me because a contractor repairing a gas line yesterday accidentally created a break, that's what started all of this. pg&e shut it off. crews had to wait to get a new part. that work will have to be completed today. i'm told that police will be out here later on directing students who didn't get memo that there will be no class though it's listed on the club website. they coordinated to let students know before they get on the bus that classes are canceled. expected to resume tomorrow. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you. >> let's get a live look at downtown san jose this morning.
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and looks as if it's going to be clear. i know christina has pretty big numbers in some of her forecasts. i think i saw one that starts with a 7. >> did you see that? you don't have to wait for the seven-day forecast anymore. it's there at the bottom of your screen. that's for you as well. we're not just doing this for scott but he is on point as usual. 43 in san jose. it's clear at the surface. mid level clouds moving in and clouds increase throughout this afternoon. i want to make sure you're ready. looking good, let's take you through your microclimates. if you are looking for the sunshine you're going to get it early on in the day. as we head through 3, 4:00, we'll see enough sunshine to warm us up in the mid-60s. san francisco 61 there, the peninsula looks good, mid-60s, around 65 in belmont. baltimoreo is looking good at 64. taking you to the north bay we
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see shower activity we're going to hold off until about 7 to 9:00 p.m. it's going to be light. 56 degrees in santa rosa. 63 along the east shore, a cool cloudy day. 68 degrees in pleasanton where you get more insure out in the tri-vall tri-valley. let's talk about the showers that we anticipate tonight. not expecting anything heavy. 3:00 a.m. light showers moving into the north bay, the front falls apart before even bringing us much moisture in the south bay. i think we're going to pick up 2 to 3 inches, up to 6 inches possible in tahoe. we'll take whatever we can get. we need that snowpack. more rain on the way into the end of next week. we could be talking about a lot of rain. we'll talk about that coming up. first your drive. here is mike. >> changes in your commute. we talk about the volume kicking in. that's what we have at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. so they did turn on the metering lights. and the backup forms for all of these lanes. we're looking toward the maps and see the approach out of the maze. the east shore freeway, west 80 slows, richmond, berkeley, down to the berkeley curve. slow up through downtown oakland. a volume starting to kick in. a slower drive through astro valley. around, a crash about 14th that cleared another one near 880 the interchange could cause a slowdown. waiting for details moving to the shoulder quickly. south 880 down to the san mateo bridge. look at this. jamming up all the way to alvarado. the lanes are blocked and have been. that can be a huge issue. we'll track that. south of 84 the dumbarton
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bridge. it's northbound 101 as you slow up to 880 that's the slow route. the rest of the northbound routes moving smoothly. we'll look at the palo alto area, this is pretty much what it's like. starting to build, a little more company but not a problem on the roads. >> not bad. sill ahead on "today in the bay." a mother shot after dropping off her children at day care. what we learned about p the man suspected of pulling the trigger. >> plane passengers hit on the head, on the ceiling as they have extreme turbulence. >> a rainy start to the day in coachy as we gear up for another round of olympic competition. a look at two mitt story performances by team usa.
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here is a look at today's top stories. investigators searching the home of a suspect shot and killed by deputies. it started as a medical call at some point deputies say the suspect struck a deputy on the arm with a baseball bat, that's when at least two deputies fired, killing the man. >> in indianapolis the search is on now for a man who authorities say shot his ex-wife eight times. police say the woman was shot in the parking lot of a daycare center after dropping off her children. we're told she did survive. we'll have an update on her condition as soon as we can. >> two passengers and three flight attendants are recovering after their flight hits severe turbulence. the flight dropped sharply on
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decent. one woman hit the ceiling so hard the panel above her cracked. the plane landed safely. >> now back to the interolympics where the team usa making the run at the podium, pushing the medal count even higher as of last night. team usa tied with russia for the most olympic medals, 19 apiece. netherlands now in third with 17. >> team usa, two history making performances by american athletes including a bronze in the two-man bobsled. janelle wang joins us up in what's called the mountain cluster with a look at the triumph for team usa. a good 24 hours. >> reporter: hi, yes, it happened here the bobsled. such a wonderful moment to watch it in prime time. this is the mountain cluster,
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five main competition venues and a lot going on right now. but last night in prime time, down on the ice it was the ice dancing team that took gold, the americans, meryl davis and charlie white, they have been a team since 1997 when they were 9 and 10. they recorded their highest overall score ever. they have won an olympic medal in every color, silver in 2010, they won the bronze in the team event about a week ago, and now they have gold. >> something that you dream about having the opportunity and we did and being able to put in the work every day to make it happen is a tribute to our partnership. >> we prepared ourses so well for what we wanted to put on the ice and focused so hard on that we weren't prepare forward what may come after. so i think it might take some time for it to sink in.
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>> reporter: also a great night for the bobsledders. steve holcom's team took the bronze, the first u.s. medal in the two man bob sled since 1952. russia gold, switzerland silver. holcomb has to lead a team this weekend, another chance at a medal. we're rooting for nick cunningham, the other american team leading a four-man bobsled. he is the driver. before he was the brakeman. i spoke to him and he is excited and ready to go. today the women hit the icy track, lolo jones the summer track heat. a big day, lots of competition heating up in the mountain cluster. janelle wang, "today in the bay." >> thank you much. >> beautiful behind her there. you can catch all of the
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excitement here on nbc bay area starting this afternoon at 3:00 gold medal finals in the men's 10,000 speed skating and the men's nordic combined. >> starting at 8:00 women's bob sled competition and gold medal finals in women's giant slalom, the half-pipe in men and the 3,000 meters in the women's short track speed skating. >> this morning another round of winter weather is moving east with up to six inches of fresh snow expected in some areas. this time it won't last long. the weather service says snow in new york, new jersey and connecticut could fall until early this afternoon before heading out to the gulf of maine. some stays saw damage including michigan where six people were hurt in a 40-car pileup in white-out conditions that stretched about four miles on interstate 94. it started when a semi struck. the snow was a sight.
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some used it to get into the presidents' day spirit. on the left. on the right, mount snowmore in minnesota. pretty cool. >> those are -- no snow around here. may abtad of rain. 70 degrees eventually. >> maybe with sand. >> good idea. good morning to you. sand is hard tear work with. 45 degrees in mountain view and for3 in beautiful san jose. i want to thank you for waking up with us each day. maybe you have today off, some do. they are staying whole their kids for ski week. a couple of things that you will not want to miss. san francisco looks good. here is the weather story of the day. clouds increase as we head throughout this afternoon. once the clouds thicken up we're
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talking 59 by 4:00, your temperature is dropping off but for the most part we're going to keep those showers to the north of the golden gate bridge. so temperatures are going to end up in the mid-60s a good looking day. fog to start. mostly at the coast. throughout the this afternoon you'll notice the clouds increasing and then throughout tonight into tomorrow morning. some showers expected in the north bay. i think we'll see a little drizzle at the least here in san jose. i'll time that out coming up. first, let's check your drive. here is mike. >> dry roads now, that's good news. coming off a holiday weekend, we do have a burst of traffic. that's what we're seeing in four spots. first the south bay we see north 101 showing that build and holding steady here. the south bay a lot of the schools have ski week. we have a smooth drive building,
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the surface treats expected. a lighter shorter build for the northbound commute. southbound 880 shows a slowdown. the east bay schools are back in session today. we see a good volume. south 880 to alvarado. it should have made its way to the how woulder. i didn't get confirmed consolation. slow toward inion city. as we move to the tras tro valley, an earlier crash and the one here, the second one for 238 causes more slowing off the castro valley y. we see the build typical for west 580 and south 680, dipping below 60. upper 50s not a major concern. we have all of these cars, this is a typical tuesday pattern.
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>> a smooth drive to oakland. let's give you live looks. northbound 880, a little bit of slowing. you do have the metering lights on. all lanes filled in as well as off the berkeley curve. notice the fast track lanes, a good move. the cash ones are backed up. we'll look at the north bay, the sun's coming up. the southbound side here down through the curve approaching, no delays novato to central san rafael. back to you. >> jimmy fallon took over as the tonight show host and most say he is a natural fit. >> he is so funny. if you were asleep we now have it for you. here's jimmy. >> welcome. i'm jimmy fallon and i'll be your host for now. >> during one segment fallon
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said a friend bet him $100 he would never make it on "the tonight show." then a slew of celebrities showed up to repay that bet including robert deniro, tina fey, lady gaga, and stephen colbert who ponied up the money in coin. >> another big hit came when fallon teamed up with will smith for a segment called the history of hip-hop dancing. moves like the cabbage patch, the robot and i'm about to break dance. >> look at that. they had so much fun. still ahead, hot pockets pulled off walmart shelves. we'll tell you about the voluntary recall and how it's linked to pay area beef. >> we'll continue our olympic coverage all morning long. we'll be back in a minute. ♪
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[ male announcer ] leading a multi-faceted life is anything but ordinary. meet the hybrid that matches your drive. ♪ the new 2014 lexus ct hybrid with an epa estimated 42 mpg. ♪ embrace your extraordinary. ♪ >> it's 6:23 as we look at the sun rise over dublin this morning. heavy traffic in. there we'll check with mike in a minute. >> taking us to san francisco this morning, by the bay bridge, a nice way to start our tuesday morning. 6:23. a voluntary recall from the maker of the microwaveable hot
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pockets, beef in certain philly steak and cheese sandwiches could have come from sick animals here in the bay area. >> peggy joins us with more details including how a local slaughter house is tied to this. >> that's right. i took an informal poll here in the newsroom. a lot of people love these hot pockets and if you have some in the freezer pull them out, see if they are on the recall list. all because after local slaughter house in petaluma which recalled 9 million pounds of beef from sick or diseased animals. some of the beef made it into the hot pockets snack. the company is alerting consumers to return it for a refund. here in california the hot pockets were sold at walmart, the largest retail grocer, in fact last week walmart had to recall all of the hamburger sold to them by the plant calling the corporation selling this meat not inspected. hot pockets are added to the list. here are the flavors.
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this is the philly steak and cheese, 9 ounce size, also in the 54 ounce size, and the hot pockets crust philly steak and cheese in the two pack box. there is a customer line to ask questions what you can do if you have these. 800-392-4057. of course you can always take it back to the store for a full refund. on to the plant in petaluma. the process could be their undoing. it's the rancho feeding corporation. it has shut down beef production while they look into the process. the plant operated without federal inspections of the meat which of course is required. to put it in perspective, they recalled almost 9 million pounds of beef, that's what's involved. that is all of the beef they processed in 2013 plus a production shutdown can place a plant of this size out of
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business. the future for that business is very much in question. >> thank you very much. >> let's check in with christina. get your tuesday morning forecast. >> a lot of people headed back to work for today. if that's you, lucky you. four-day work week. your temperatures pretty nice for today. 61 in san francisco, you will notice clouds increasing this afternoon with a storm system moving in. only in the north bay. overnight a few shower, then tomorrow morning mostly clear conditions. overall the big story in the weather department a warming trend. i'll tell you when coming up. first here's mike. >> we're going to take you out and show you the maps where the slow down registers as red. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup, metering lights are on. getting to the area, that's the issue. not through berkeley but back over toward west highway 4 at --
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off 4 at san pablo avenue. there is the bay bridge toll plaza. you do see the fast track lanes moving but starting to slow down and the cash lanes are backed up. as well as off of the 880. >> 6:27. still ahead american athletes to the rescue. coming up, team usa leading the charge to save all those stray dogs wandering around sochi. >> some live pictures from near the black sea and the olympic torch. >> a closer version of the torch there burning brightly. 6:27 p.m. there, 6:27 a.m. here. a lot more news ahead.
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>> a team effort to find new homes for stray dogs in sochi. we'll tell you how team usa coming to the rescue next. >> plus, spoiler alert. we have the results of olympic events happening overnight in sochi.
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>> first, a live look closer to home. new york city where we're looking at the opening bell. fxcm doing the honors on the nyse. in the meantime, 100 black men incorporated on the nasdaq. for this tuesday, february 18, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm scott mcgrew >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. back to the 2014 winter olympics as we give youlive look at the olympic plaza in soch they morning. less fog but more rain on the slopes. so far no delays for olympic events. >> we're also learning more about a story making headlines since the winter games began. stray dogs roaming free throughout the olympic village, this morning several american athletes are taking steps to save those dogs.
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janelle wang joins us live in the mountain cluster. silver medalist is delaying his trip home to bring back dogs with him. >> reporter: i know. a lot of athletes are jumping on board. we have seen a lot of stray dogs here and they have all been friendly. some of the locals tell us it's because their homes have been demolished to make room for olympic plaza and these dogs which are allowed to roam. they are not like in the states where we have them on leashes can't find their way back. others wander around and roam free and mingle with others and go home. half of them are probably not strays but some are strays. i want to show you this is the main plaza in the mountain cluster. the clock tower. and then you see this monitor behind me too. we'll show you that in a bit. let's talk about the stray dogs. gus kenworthy, a silver medalist in that new event slopestyle free skiing. he adopted four stray dogs and
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his mother. he was supposed to go home to colorado monday but delayed the trip because some of the paperwork for the dogs have not gone through. they need to get their vaccinations so that's going through and then he's going to bring them home. other athletes are now following his lead. u.s. men's hockey player tweeting hey gus kenworthy wondering what vet you're working with. a bunch of hockey guys would like to get some dogs back as well. thanks. and lindsay jacob ellis instagrammed throughout photo of the dog she will return home with. these athletes are picking up the dogs, bringing them back to america to bring them give them some loving homes. back at the plaza i want to tell you this is the main stage. they call it the main stage here. behind me we're not going to show you too closely because this is a live event of what's happening here right now. so something you will see on cable or in prime time. also this is where they also have live music from all different bands, people come
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down, it's not very crowded now because it's been raining all day. it does get busy during certain times of the day here. and a lot -- this is like the popular place to be. beautiful place to be. they just built this up in the last two years, now it's packed with hotels and restaurants. back to you in the bay area. janelle wang live in sochi. >> you'll bring home a puppy yourself? >> reporter: i'm not sure if i can get all of the paperwork in time done. if i find a cute puppy i will try to at least bring it to a loving home here in russia because i don't think i can get everything in order in time before i leave next week. >> i think if we can bring a starbucks to russia we can bring a puppy home from russia. nbc says go ahead and do that. >> reporter: i'll work on it. >> i'm surprised there aren't more restrictions of getting the dogs here. >> even across state lines.
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so janelle was pointing out plenty of events happen while you're sleeping. we're going to air events later f. you can't wait we have spoilers. >> if you would rather wait until tonight to find out close your eyes, wait for the music to end. >> we have new music this morning. it's safe to look. >> you especially want to because here comes meteorologist christina loren. a look at the forecast. >> hey, good morning. you have to look if you want to see the seven-day forecast
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scrolling at the bottom of the screen. it's tuesday, but you know what, it's a short work week for a lot of people. your commute shouldn't be that rough in the south bay because of ski week. a lot of good things on the table right off the bat. 43 in the south bay, pretty start here. we're getting the pinks in san jose, nice and clear. dublin, a beautiful sky, and in the north bay looking good to kick off the day in san rafael you can see now it's mostly clear here, we're going to see mostly cloudy conditions by about lunch time. and then the clouds will turn over to rain as we head throughout tonight and tomorrow. not much, nothing heavy but we'll take what we can get. so i want to talk about what's happening in the baxt maybe you have the kids home with you. maybe you can get out to san francisco where they have a pirate ship in town. a pirate ship that was in the pirates of the caribbean, pier 40 san francisco, the tour starts at 4:00 p.m. and it's free so it's for you and me. 59 degrees at 4:00 in san francisco. 5:00, mostly cloudy, 58.
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the cool thing is it's at jack london square. multiple opportunities to check out this awesome ship. and you know what, people in costume should be a good time out there. i like an eye patch on a man. thick low clouds and fog as we head throughout afternoon. cloudy at the coast nks a little bit of sunshine, then throughout the end of the day into the evening some showers move into the north bay. i'll let you know when we might get something in the south bay. our chances ramp up for the rich moisture, that atmospheric river to return coming up soon. let's check your drive. here is mike inouye. >> good you point out the pirate ship or why would we have people dressed in interesting ways in san francisco. that never happens. looking to the bay bridge a smooth drive approaching the span. you see the fast track lanes are moving but the metering lights were turned on before 6:00. let's look at the maps. you're okay off of the maze and down the east shore freeway which is looking a little lighter, some of the schools are
6:37 am
off and some are coming back from the presidents' day holiday. this is also the reason why the east shore freeway is lighter. it held to the upper east shore. a couple of crashes, the worst at san pablo avenue. so you are slow off highway 4, and clearing, racetrack golden gate field. an incident south 238 interchange down to 8th street a fender bender slowing approaching the san mateo bridge as you typically have that slows down as you cross the bay there. another slowdown, a crash in lanes for some time, now clear toward the south bay. the south bay, 101 through san jose, picking up the slowdown. back to you. >> mike, thanks much. >> still ahead the 49ers ready to welcome the first openly gay player? we'll tell you what colin kaepernick has to say about it. >> and reporting for duty. take you to scottsdale.
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the squad gets ready to show their stuff.
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6:40. the 49ers colin kaepernick waking up in los angeles after a successful night hosting the hall of game award. he instagrammed this photo with cam newton as the two of them walked the red carpet. prior to the show kaepernick and
6:41 am
newton sat down with espn. they were asked about michael sam, the university of missouri player who just publicly revealed he is gay. both said they would love to have sam on their team. >> hard to believe it's that time of year again. a few yó.im from now the giant will be in arizona, all of them gearing up for the 2014 season. >> a look at one of the new additions. >> reporter: reporting with the giants, here is a rundown of what's happened so far and what's coming up. the pitchers and catchers have been in scottsdale for a couple days getting their workout. the pitchers have their sessions and that includes the new starter on the team, tim hudson who is coming off of a significant ankle injury. even he has been out getting his work in. coming up later today around noon all of the position players are going to report to camp. coming up tonight at 6:00, we're going to have that video for you, plus we're going to talk with plads bumgarner perhaps the
6:42 am
best starting pitcher for the giants last year, 24 years old, he is back trying to improve. coming up later today. i'm ahmed fareed. >> time 6:42. deputies take aim as a suspect grabs a baseball bat and allegedly starts swinging. we're live at the scene.
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6:44. an update to breaking news. investigators say the man who was shot by deputies was fighting with paramedics and use add baseball bat to attack a deputy. the shooting happened in a home on the corner of paseo grande in san lorenzo. bob redell is live down the street from where the shooting
6:45 am
happened. have you learned anything new? >> we have. that he was 50 years old, lived in the home behind me here with his wife and was well known to law enforcement. the alameda county sheriff's office telling us that deputies had been called to the home 19 times over the past three years. 19 time was last night. for various issues including domestic violence. the sheriff's office provided the photo inside the home shows what appears on the floor the baseball bat deputies say the man used to attack a deputy sergeant. now before that sergeant and another deputy fired back, killing the man. this happening last night. around 10:00. actually it was a medical call. the fire and ambulance called out to treat this man for some issue, while he was in the ambulance he became combative, not clear why, he attacked at least one of the medics and ran in the house.
6:46 am
emt called for law enforcement, when the sheriff's office arrived that sergeant and four other deputies entered the home to look for this man. >> you can imagine this is always a difficult situation for law enforcement. you go into somebody's house, you're not familiar with the house and that person is familiar with their house so. that's kind of the situation that was presented last night. and he comes out, violently attacks the sergeant, hitting him with the baseball bat and attempting to hit him again, that's when shots were fired. >> reporter: the sergeant actually had a rifle drawn when the man hit him, struck him in the arm, knocked the rifle out of his hand. he drew his handgun and another deputy and that's when they fired several shots, killing him in the home. his wife was outside at the time. the sheriff office tells us they are interviewing her, she is being cooperative, they are also interviewing the sergeant and deputy as well. reporting live, bob redell,
6:47 am
"today in the bay." >> let's check your forecast, give you a live look at the sun rise over interstate 580 in dublin. here it comes. here comes christina loren as well. good morning. >> to save the day. 6:47. we have a good looking day shaping up. if you want to get outdoors you're not going to get better conditions than what we have for the first part of the day. beautiful air quality. you notice from our san francisco camera a nice clear start here. temperatures are going to warm up to about 51 degrees at lunch time, then those clouds will thicken up as an area of low pressure gets closer to the bay area. that will likely bring us showers, overnight mostly in the north bay. we'll hit about 59, temperatures dropping in the city. clouds increasing all day long. so as we head throughout the afternoon these are your highs, clouds increasing, limit your sunshine in san francisco, 61 degrees there, as a result at noon 62 for oakland, fremont at 63 today, san jose checking in
6:48 am
with 66, and remember, your seven-day forecast is always scrolling. if you want warmer weather, missing the beach, we've got beautiful conditions at your local beaches as of this weekend. let's talk about the showers we anticipate. right at 3:00 a.m. we're not going to get much. the front falls apart. the clouds increase late wednesday into thursday. nice onshore flow but really that's our only rain chance at least until the end of next week into next weekend when we could tap back into the river. i want to show you your temperature trend via the tri-valley. 68 degrees, cooler with the front coming in tomorrow. in the 70s for thursday into friday. we keep on climbing into the weekend, and then yeah, going to get showers the end of next week so. a little something for everybody, mike, even yourself. >> i'll take it. looking here toward the bay we do have a little change for a lot of places.
6:49 am
first of all, the peninsula not a problem, that's a smooth drive. you're okay there. in the south bay you have the volume kicking in. we expect maybe lighter at least a shorter commute because of a lot of schools are out. that usually means parents are off. you see the typical pattern, we'll see if that eases off early in the commute. but that won't help you now. you got to get out there. a slow southbound drive for 880, a crash at eighth street and the second at alvarado, so that stretch, 238 into union city is a slower drive, we'll watch for that to affect the commute but it's starting to sort itself out. this is west 580 slowing to 680 southbound, now speeds in the orange down to about 55 miles per hour. approaching the merge, with all of these folks out of livermore and sunol. not a surprise. i wanted to point it out.
6:50 am
here the upper east shore freeway is jammed from 4 down to san pablo. a series of crashes, a couple of them stuck around in lanes. a couple others move to the shoulder in richmond. that's causing all of this backup. they could be easier down to the bay bridge and berkeley, the speed in the yellow and green. the 50s and 60s. that's great through that portion. heading to the bay bridge toll plaza and the berkeley curve, then slow down, look at the incline, a smooth drive through the backup at the toll plaza, nice view you can see the city on the san francisco side no. problems across the bay in either direction. the golden gate bridge coming through the north bay, a smooth flow and you can see the two towers and the hills. that's a good view with visibility fine. farther south over the san mateo bridge, coming westbound, meeting up with these folks. it new problem. 101, we get the merge, not an issue.
6:51 am
back to you. >> thanks, mike. it's 6:50. happening now officers looking for two men who led them on a high-speed chase that ended in a crash on the golden gate bridge. it started around 8:00 last night when a ranger saw a man trying to break into a car in the marin headlands. he jumped into a black mercedes and took off hitting two park ranger cars. then trying to cross the golden gate bridge the driver rear ended a car at the toll plaza. two men jumped out and ran away. officers are searching into the residential areas of the presidio. >> the firefighter accused of sexually abusing a teen and selling drugs could enter a plea. arrested last week for a reportedly abusing a 17-year-old boy and selling methamphetamine to children that he had met online. he has work forward the san jose fire department for 20 years, now on unpaid leave pending an
6:52 am
investigation. he was involved at st. leo the great parish in san jose. federal officials looking into whether there was any interaction between cuestas and the children who go to the school next to the church. >> flags af at half-staff in honor of two chp officers killed in the line of duty. the officers, 33-year-old juan gonzalez of fresno and 34-year-old brian law of clovis were partners and friends. law and gonzalez were responding to a call for help on highway 99 when their chp cruiser slammed into a guardrail, went airborne and landed on its roof. they were headed to the scene of a crash near the city of kingsburg about 25 miles south of fresno. they swerved to avoid the wreckage. both graduated from the academy together in 2009. law started his career in oakland, he is survived by his wife and three children.
6:53 am
gonzalez worked in san jose before being transferred to fresno. his friends say he was talking about getting married. funeral plans have not been announced. >> following a three-day weekend students at one bay area school getting another day off. christie smith live in oakland with the reason why skyline high school is closed. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. normally students might start showing up for class in the next hour or so. today is like a snow day without the snow. the only work that's going to be going on is work to fix a ruptured gas line that was accidentally ruptured here at skyline high school yesterday according to district spokesman troy flint. he says a contractor was repairing a gas line but created a break instead. pg&e came out to shut off the line, then a part was needed and they couldn't get their hands on it over the holiday so. today, 1800 students will not be in class while the repair work is finished.
6:54 am
>> it's just a safety precaution. everyone gets a little anxious working with gas lines. i don't believe it was a serious risk but in situations that can happen when gas is involved, it was better to err on the side of caution and not have students and staff there. >> the school's website does explain the closure. he says they contacted students by e-mail and a phone tree as well. he says if they didn't get these messages school police officers will be out here redirecting students to go home. he said they also contacted ac transit buses and the drivers will be telling students before they get on the buses to come up the hill that classes are not happening. school expected to resume tomorrow. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> now back to the 2014 winter olympics as we give you a live look at the olympic torch burning in sochi and also a live look at the rain clouds
6:55 am
gathering overhead above the olympic plaza. the rain comes a day after fog descended on the slopes causing delays in several events. those were rescheduled for today but now the rain might complicate the plans again. >> that's right. janelle wang joins us live in the mountain cluster. but she is staying dry in a restaurant. good morning. >> reporter: that's what i'm doing. i'm here at the restaurant which means what soup. i'm here with dimetri and dimetri. two russian americans, you're from dc, you just moved back, you've been in philadelphia for 10 years. you've been at the olympic games. what is your favorite part? >> my favorite biathlon. kind of exciting. to watch the people and then -- that's unbelievable. >> reporter: what about you?
6:56 am
you came back to russia. you have been back a few months. what brought you back? >> i just wanted to see the beautiful venue, amazing. i love toing i mean, i love being here. >> reporter: thank you so much. i know you guys are watching the hockey game with russia so i'll let you go back and watch. i want to let you who show you pictures of the mountain cluster day. it's raining all day and up near the top it's like some wet snow, wintry mix. it hasn't affected competition. it's still going on. lots going on in the mountain cluster. including our half-pipe free skier david wise from reno. we are rooting for him. he is the gold medal contender, the x games champion at 23 years old he gets serious air. he is like the shaun white of half-pipe on skis. this a new devent. he is also a father to 2-year-old nyelee.
6:57 am
his wife is here with him. he instagrammed this photo today. it's a heart-shaped rock at the half-pipe given to him by his wife so. they are here together, so he is competing right now in qualifying runs. this is his debut event at the olympic games. and team usa could sweep this event. that's how good they are. we'll see what happens. we had alpine skiing today and snowboard cross so you'll see that all on prime time tonight. that's going to do it for us. thank you so much. go back and get hot soup. we'll see you later. bye from russia. >> see you later. now you can get some soup as well. look at even the bartender in the back. everybody is dancing. >> you can catch all of the olympic excitement here on nbc bay area. this afternoon at 3:00 we have
6:58 am
gold medal finals in the men's 10,000 meter speed skating and the men's individual nordic combined. >> in prime time starting at 8:00 tonight women's bobsled and finals in women's giant slow lamb, skiing the half-pipe in men's free style and 3,000 meters in the women's short strak speed skating. >> one more check on the forecast. >> good morning to you. happy tuesday everybody. back to work for many. you know what, the kids are off in the south bay for ski week. we're in the 40s, headed toward the 60s. 68 degrees in the east bay. 66 in the south bay, i'll be tracking your seven-day forecast and the hours on the way. stick wisconsin. here is mike and your drive. >> east bay, then city schools are in section. it's because of these crashes here, jamming you up from
6:59 am
highway 4 down in toward san pablo. expect that for the upper shore. a couple of crashes in hayward and union city. northbound through the city look pretty standard. back to you guys. >> 6:58. a final check of the top stories, nestle's recalling certain hot pockets sold including from walmart. the company says tainted meat may have made its way into the snacks. to see a list of all of those affected visit, search hot pockets. >> two members of a popular band have been released. the two women were detained along with several others for questioning in connection with a theft at the hotel where they were staying. >> investigators checking the home after suspect shot by deputies. it started as a medical call at some point deputies say the suspect struck a deputy on the arm with a baseball bat.
7:00 am
that's when at least two deputies fired, killing the man. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local update. good morni good morning. new storm, new problems. yet another round of ice and snow falling right now from the midwest to the northeast. frightening flight. five people injured, one critically as the united jet encounters severe turbulence. this morning passengers share their harrowing story. here's jimmy. jimmy fallon makes his long awaited "tonight show" debut. >> i'm jimmy fallon, and i'll be your host for now. >> returning to new york city with a slew of stars inside the new studio and high atop 30 rock.


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